We enable rapid analysis and management of the world’s largest datasets.

Data volume is exploding and outpacing current analysis tools.

Structured data volume is exploding and outpacing current analysis tools. Worldwide structured datasets are growing 800% over the next 5 years. Organizations that can harness the untapped power of very large datasets, at scale and at speed, stand to gain tremendous advantages.

Redefining Big Data

Current Big Data technologies are built for organizations with datasets measured in terabytes.

Ocient’s focus is on much larger datasets — measured in tens of terabytes, petabytes, or exabytes — with trillions or quadrillions of rows.

Redefining fast

Current Big Data platforms do not offer satisfactory ingress or query processing speeds for such datasets.

We’re focused on ingressing billions of rows per second, and filtering and computing aggregate results at rates up to trillions of rows per second.

Our game-changing approach

Ocient has rethought the entire architecture of data analysis systems based upon modern high-performance, low-cost hardware in a massively parallel architecture with Speed at Scale as our focus.

Using Traditional ANSI SQL

While Ocient has rethought every aspect of the database, we did not change the interface methods. We support standard ANSI SQL including aggregates, joins and count distinct through our JDBC, ODBC, and Spark connectors.

Learning more

We welcome inquiries from qualified organizations or individuals. If you need to routinely query trillions or quadrillions of rows of data at high velocities, please contact us at info@ocient.com to learn more.

Management team

Ocient was founded by the talent behind the largest software startup exit in Chicago’s history. Ocient is a well-funded company, with an engineering team comprised of brilliant computer scientists hailing from the world’s top universities and organizations.

Chris Gladwin

Chris Gladwin, Co-Founder and CEO

In 2004, Chris founded Cleversafe which became the largest and most strategic object storage vendor in the world (according to IDC.) He raised over $100M, and led the company to a $1.4B exit in 2015 when IBM acquired them. The technology he started generated over 1,000 patents granted or filed, creating one of the ten most powerful patent portfolios in the world. Prior to Cleversafe, Chris was the Founder and CEO of startups MusicNow and Cruise Technologies, and led product strategy for Zenith Data Systems. He started his career at Martin Marietta, and holds a mechanical engineering degree from MIT.

Joe Jablonski

Joe Jablonski, Co-Founder and CTO

Joe is a serial entrepreneur who has founded several technology companies including Acumence, a manufacturing software provider that powers analytics and IoT for large industrial customers, and WeGather, an online platform that helps schools and churches raise funds and facilitate volunteer participation. Joe serves on the ITA board of directors, is on the computer science advisory board for Illinois Tech, judges the Cozad business plan competition at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and is an angel investor in several Chicago startups. He holds an MBA from Northwestern University and an electrical and computer engineering degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

George Kondiles

George Kondiles, Co-Founder and VP Engineering

George has been building software technology from the ground up his entire career. As a software architect and systems designer, he has extensive experience with low latency distributed systems, parallel programming, and database design. He has co-founded several companies including Acumence and WeGather, and holds a computer science and mathematics degree from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

Brian Hand

Brian Hand, COO

Brian is a serial entrepreneur and seasoned investor. He is co-founder of FireStarter Fund, an early stage venture fund focused on web/social/mobile investments. He was co-founder & CEO of Timelines, a company that allowed users to record and share events via the Web and apps, and founder & CEO of ShopLocal, which helps advertisers use the Web to promote local, in-store sales. From 1983 to 1999, Brian worked in the venture capital and investment banking industry with First Analysis Corporation, the last three years as vice chairman. Brian received his BS and MS degrees in mechanical engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and an MBA from Northwestern University.

Advisory board

Ocient is advised by some of the top technology and strategic minds in the country.

Technical Advisory Board

Ocient has also formed a Technical Advisory Board comprised of industry-leading experts in the key technology areas that Ocient utilizes in the development and operation of its service. Each Technical Advisory Board member combines a strong academic background with real-world career experience that is relevant to Ocient. This group includes:

Aaron Elmore

Aaron is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science, and the College of the University of Chicago. He was previously a Postdoctoral Associate at MIT working with Mike Stonebraker on elastic and multitenant database systems, and Sam Madden on the DataHub project. More Info >Aaron's thesis on Elasticity Primitives for Database-as-a-Service was completed at the University of California, Santa Barbara under the supervision of Divy Agrawal and Amr El Abbadi. Prior to receiving a PhD, Aaron spent several years in industry and completed an MS at the University of Chicago. His research interests include elastic systems, database multitenancy, live data migration, cloud computing, and making data management easier for other scientific domains.

Boris Glavic

Boris Glavic is Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the Illinois Institute of Technology where he leads the IIT database group. Before coming to IIT, Boris spent two years as a Postdoctoral in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Toronto working at the Database Research Group under Renée J. Miller. More Info >He received his PhD in Computer Science from the University of Zurich in Switzerland, being advised by Michael Böhlen and Gustavo Alonso. Boris is a database researcher conducting systems research based on solid theoretical foundations. His main research interests are provenance, data integration and cleaning, query processing and optimization and distributed databases.

Ioan Raicu

Ioan is an associate professor of computer science at Illinois Institute of Technology, and the founder and director of IIT’s Data-Intensive Distributed Systems Laboratory. He is also a guest research faculty in the math and computer science Division at Argonne National Laboratory. More Info >Ioan’s focus areas include Distributed Systems, Many-Task Computing, Data-Intensive Computing, Grid Computing, Cloud Computing, Supercomputing, Many-Core Computing, High-Performance Computing, and Parallel Programming Languages.

Jennie Rogers

Jennie Rogers is the Lisa Wissner-Slivka and Benjamin Slivka Junior Professor in Computer Science and an assistant professor at Northwestern University. Before that she was a postdoctoral associate in the Database Group at MIT CSAIL where she worked with Mike Stonebraker and Sam Madden. More Info >She received her Ph.D. from Brown University under the guidance of Ugur Cetintemel. Her research interests include the management of science data, federated databases, cloud computing, secure data management, and database performance modeling. Her Erdös number is 3.

Kevin C.C. Chang

Kevin is a Professor in Computer Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where he leads the FORWARD Data Lab for search, integration, and mining of data. He received a BS from National Taiwan University and PhD in electrical engineering from Stanford University. More Info >His research addresses large scale information access, for search, mining, and integration across structured and unstructured big data, with current focuses on "entity-centric" Web search/mining and social media analytics. He received two Best Paper Selections in VLDB 2000 and 2013, an NSF CAREER Award in 2002, an NCSA Faculty Fellow Award in 2003, IBM Faculty Awards in 2004 and 2005, Academy for Entrepreneurial Leadership Faculty Fellow Award in 2008, and the Incomplete List of Excellent Teachers at University of Illinois in 2001, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2010, and 2011. He is passionate to bring research results to the real world and, with his students, co-founded Cazoodle, a startup from the University of Illinois, for deepening vertical "data-aware" search over the web.

Michael Franklin

Michael is the Liew Family Chair of the Computer Science Department at the University of Chicago. An authority on databases, data analytics, data management and distributed systems, he also serves as senior advisor to the provost on computation and data science.  Previously Michael was at the University of California, Berkeley, where he was the chair of the Computer Science Division of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences. More Info >At Berkeley he co-founded and directed the Algorithms, Machines and People Laboratory (AMPLab), a leading academic big data analytics research center known for creating industry-changing open source Big Data software including Apache Spark and BDAS, the Berkeley Data Analytics Stack.  Michael also founded and was chief technology officer of Truviso, a data analytics company acquired by Cisco Systems. He received the Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin in 1993, a Master of Software Engineering from the Wang Institute of Graduate Studies in 1986, and the B.S. in Computer and Information Science from the University of Massachusetts in 1983.

Michael Spertus

Michael is currently a Distinguished Engineer at Symantec Corporation and an Adjunct Associate Professor of Computer Science at the University of Chicago. He co-authored one of the first commercial C compilers for the original IBM PC. Mike founded Geodesic Systems, a maker of self-healing software. More Info >He led the design and implementation of Great Circle, a product that automatically increased the performance and reliability of binary computer programs, receiving industry recognition with Software Development Magazine’s Jolt Award. After Geodesic was acquired by VERITAS, Mike became Chief Technologist for VERITAS' Performance Management division. When VERITAS was acquired by Symantec, Mike joined Symantec Research Labs, where he developed anti-rootkit technology deployed to tens of millions of computer systems and served as a chief architect for Advanced Concepts, Symantec’s internal startup organization. Currently, he is a Distinguished Engineer for Symantec.Cloud, providing leadership and technical expertise for Symantec’s entry into the Cloud space. Mike is a member of the ANSI/ISO C++ Standards Committee and is widely published in academic and trade journals.

Applications, Marketing & Sales Advisory Board

Ocient has also formed an Applications, Marketing & Sales Advisory Board comprised of industry-leading experts in the key applications, sales, marketing and distribution areas that Ocient utilizes in building channels for and selling its products. Each Applications, Marketing & Sales Advisory Board member combines a strong academic background with real-world career experience that is relevant to Ocient. The Applications, Marketing & Sales Advisory Board includes:

Adam Tilton

Adam was the Co-Founder and CEO of Rithmio, a pioneer in the wearables industry. Prior, he was a graduate research assistant at the University of Illinois Coordinated Science Laboratory. Adam has published several engineering papers on robotics and machine learning, and did his Bachelors, Masters, and PhD work at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Alan Soucy

Alan is the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Partner at SparkPR in San Francisco, which has represented over 1,000 technology leaders and assisted in over $17 billion in client exits. Prior, he served as President at MTI MicroFuel Cells, responsible for sales and marketing, business development, and extended enterprise production. More Info >He served as Vice President of Advanced Products and Applications of Tripath Technology Inc. and as General Manager of Philips Mobile Computing Group, the portable digital products division of Philips Electronics. During the mid-90s Alan was Vice President of portable and mobile products at Zenith Data Systems, and served at Martin Marietta as director of computing standards during the 80s.

David Weinstein

David Weinstein is the founder and managing partner of Freshwater Advisors, a Chicago based venture development firm and corporate innovation consultancy that connects corporations to startups and entrepreneurial ecosystems through structured scouting programs and targeted advisory services. More Info >From 2003 through 2010 David served as the founding president of the Chicagoland Entrepreneurial Center (CEC), which now operates 1871. During his tenure, the CEC provided advisory services to upwards of 1,000 entrepreneurs. David was also a co-founder of the Illinois Innovation Accelerator Fund (I2A), a $10 million seed-stage venture capital fund. Prior to the CEC, David served as CEO of BlueMeteor, a technology company that provided enterprise software applications and infrastructure to Fortune 1000 businesses.  From 1996 to 2000, David worked as chief technology advisor to the mayor of the City of Chicago, Richard M. Daley. David was recently appointed by Illinois Governor Rauner to serve on the Governor’s Technology Advisory Board. David graduated cum laude from the University of Wisconsin at Madison and holds an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg Graduate School of Management.

Fran Landolf

Fran is the founder and Principal of Core Consulting, a vehicle to match private sector solutions with public sector problems. Fran has endeavored to understand the most vexing defense and intelligence challenges and find innovation within small companies that can address those challenges. More Info >He is also a member of the Technical Advisory Group for the Senate Select Committee for Intelligence and serves on the National Security Agency Advisory Board. He is a Senior Fellow and member of the Board of Regents for the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies. He is advisory board member of the Cyber Incubator at University of Maryland Baltimore County, Mission Link and the Virginia Tech Hume Center. Prior, Fran spent 8 years as a senior executive in the U.S. Department of Defense, and in the private sector was a Principal at Booz Allen Hamilton. Fran holds masters degrees in mathematics from the University of Kentucky and from Clarkson University, and a bachelors degree in mathematics from the Statue University of New York.

Jim O’Connor

Jim is the global head of William Blair Venture Capital, co-founder & former CEO of 1871, a Chicago digital co-working space, and founder of the Chicago Entrepreneurial Center. Prior to joining William Blair, Jim was managing director of MVC Capital, where he led originations of venture capital, private equity and debt recapitalizations. More Info >During his tenure at Motorola, he served as the corporate vice president of the company’s internal venture capital fund and worked closely on the launch of the Google-Motorola Droid product. In addition to serving as a White House Fellow, Jim’s other professional experiences include roles at A.T. Kearney, Ariel Capital Management, Sidley Austin and the Chicago Board of Trade. He received a MBA from Northwestern University, and a JD and BA from Georgetown University.

Lucas Roh

Lucas is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of Bigstep, a big data cloud provider with full-stack big data ecosystem that makes it easy for organizations to create, launch and scale robust, secure and cost-effective big data solutions. He is also the Chairman of Affinity.com, a leading contextual ad network that helps advertisers deliver over 50 billion impressions each month. More Info >Lucas was the Founder and CEO, and is now on the board, of Hostway Corporation, a leader in cloud and managed hosting with over 500,000 customers worldwide. Lucas was a computer scientist at Argonne National Laboratory, and holds a PhD in computer science from Colorado State University and a bachelors in physics from the University of Chicago.

Mark Moore

Mark is a software executive with 30 years of experience leading high powered engineering and service teams in the San Francisco bay area. His areas of experience include highly scalable database and big data (SQL and noSQL), machine learning, scalable consumer websites and services, and Internet devices (IOT). More Info >He was the SVP Products at Recommind, an online eDiscovery platform which housed over 2PB of the world’s most sensitive data. He led the engineering teams at ENXSuite, ScaleDB, Niku and Listen.com, and spent 9 years at Oracle as SVP Development. Mark holds a computer science degree from Northwestern University.

Piers Nash

Piers is an IBM global solutions consultant for genomics & healthcare. Previously he was the director of business development at the University of Chicago’s Center for Data Intensive Science, which develops analytics around large scientific data sets in one of the world’s largest multi-purpose science clouds. Prior to the University of Chicago, Piers was the Co-Founder and CSO of BioConnect, an organization connecting investment with innovation to speed commercialization of pharmaceutical developments. More Info >He spent 8 years as an assistant professor running multiple research programs relating to cancer biology, cellular information processing and computational decision making in bimolecular systems. Piers is published extensively in top-ranked journals including Molecular Cell, Science Signaling, Proteomics, and Journal of Biological Chemistry. He was a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Toronto and holds an MBA from the University of Chicago, a PhD in biochemistry from the University of Alberta, and a bachelors in biochemistry from the University of Guelph.

Rob Gatto

Rob is a seasoned technology executive with over 30 years of experience operating the go to market functions of technology companies. He has experience with companies ranging in size from initial stage start-ups to over $1b in annual revenue, and areas of expertise include: sales, marketing, channel development, business development, consulting, operations and corporate development. More Info >Rob has served in the following roles during his career: Chief Operating Officer as Tubemogul, a programmatic video platform; Senior Vice President, Global Sales, at NeuStar, Inc. an information services company; President of Aggregate Knowledge, Inc., a media analytics firm; Chief Executive Officer of Point Roll, Inc., a provider of digital marketing technology, and VP Sales ShopLocal Inc. a provider of localized digital marketing solutions for retailers. Rob holds a B.S. in Communications from Northern Illinois University.

Rob Grzywinski

Rob Grzywinski served as both Chief Technology Officer and VP of Engineering through multiple startup acquisitions, and helps companies understand how to use data to grow their businesses on scalable technology platforms. Rob was the CTO of AdTech startup Aggregate Knowledge, which was acquired by Neustar. More Info >At Aggregate Knowledge Rob was the visionary behind burgeoning concepts of Big Data, stream-based analytics and probabilistic counting He holds patents in AdTech and modern data systems. Rob has an extensive background in systems and software. He has been directly involved in creating solutions across many industries such as financial option trading, internet security and big data advertising solutions. He has also worked on fundamental technologies for micro-auctions, recommendation engines, e-commerce and content publishing. Rob’s educational background is in Theoretical Physics and he holds a Bachelor’s degree in Physics from Illinois Institute of Technology.

Scott Merkle

As a Big Data and Cybersecurity business development consultant, Scott helped start Ocient in 2016, creating the brand and positioning, securing the first 30 prospects to validate value propositions, and finding the first 3 POC customers. Scott was most recently the VP of enterprise and OEM sales at Webroot, a $150M security software company, where he built and managed relationships with large customers like Palo Alto Networks, Cisco, and HP. More Info >Prior, he was the SVP of business development for BrightPoint, a $3B leader in wireless supply chain services, serving customers including AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, Motorola and Samsung. Scott has co-founded several startups, and led channel sales and alliances for Apropos Technology when it IPO’d in 2000. He started his career at Andersen Consulting (Accenture). Scott holds an MBA from the University of California at Berkeley and an economics degree from Northwestern University.

We’re hiring the best software developers
in Chicago.

If you’re brilliant and want to work with many great engineers, we are looking for strong candidates to work in the following areas:

  • Database Engine Development in C++
  • Web Admin Tool Development in Node.js and Angular2+
  • System Performance Engineering
  • Software Test Engineering (SDET)

Please email us at recruiting@ocient.com.

Contact us

Ocient is located at:
100 North Riverside Plaza, Suite 800
Chicago, IL 60606

Getting here

So far, we’ve identified 14 ways to get to the office…

Commercial Airlines

Commercial Airlines

Both O’Hare and Midway are about an hour from the office depending on traffic. Between those two airports, over a million flights per year go to or from just about any business center in the world. United and American have major hubs at O’Hare and Southwest has a major hub at Midway.

Private Aviation

Private Aviation

Chicago Executive Airport (PWK) in Wheeling, IL serves the Chicago area. Trego-Dugan Aviation provides charter flights out of PWK with a fleet of ARGUS Platinum rated aircraft.

Water Taxi

Water Taxi

Chicago Water Taxi’s Ogilvie/Union (West Loop) station is located just a two minute walk from the Ocient office. We can see it from our windows. In the warmer months, Chicago Water Taxi provides transportation to locations around Chicago.



Getting around downtown Chicago often involves walking. Just a few blocks north of the Ocient office is the west end of the Chicago Riverwalk which is a spectacular walkway along the Chicago River.

“L” Train

“L” Train

Whether you’re coming from the south, the west, or the north, you can take Chicago’s elevated trains and subways to our side of the Chicago Loop. From the north, take the Brown, Purple, or Red lines. From the west, take the Green. From the south, take the Orange or Red lines.



Chicago has installed over 100 miles of bike lanes, including divided bike lanes that run right near the Ocient office. If you’re biking from the west, take the eastbound divided bike lane on Washington Street. If you’re biking from the east, take the westbound divided bike lane on Randolph Street.

Scooter (or Motorcycle)

Scooter (or Motorcycle)

A quick way to get to Ocient is by scooter. If you’re lucky, you can find one of the free parking spots along the streets in the Loop or West Loop.



Ocient’s building is just a few blocks from the 90/94 Expressway that goes through downtown Chicago. If you are looking for parking, we recommend using SpotHero or ParkWhiz to reserve a parking spot in a building or outdoor lot within a couple blocks of Ocient’s office.



Either Lyft or Uber have scores of cars and drivers ready to take you to Ocient.



It is usually fairly quick to hail a taxi right in front of our building on Randolph Street. There is also a taxi stand at Ogilvie train station, which is a block away.

Metra Commuter Rail

Metra Commuter Rail

Ocient is just a short walk from the two biggest Metra Commuter Rail stations in downtown Chicago: Union Station and Oglivie Transportation Center. Metra provides service to 241 stations in the Chicago area.



The CTA provides a whole range of bus routes that go by or near Ocient’s office. Greyhound has a station nearby at 630 W Harrison Street. Plus, Megabus and Amtrak Thruway Motorcoach have hubs in Union Station.



Amtrak’s Chicago Union Station is located just a few blocks away and has routes that reach across the United States.



Ocient’s building is on the South Branch of the Chicago river where you can see frequent recreational kayaking in the summer. So far, no one has paddled to work, but that might happen this summer. It isn’t clear, though, where one would park their kayak during the workday.